Top Sources for Cybersecurity News

Key cybersecurity news sources, email newsletters, and tips to help you stay informed of the cybersecurity landscape.

Cybersecurity is a fluid and broad field and the latest news can drastically impact your day-to-day life so its important to stay informed. However, it is easy to be overwhelmed and find the proverbial signal in the noise.

There is no perfect system, as I can attest to tweaking my inputs and practices for 10 years, but here are my top recommendations for cybersecurity news.

Authoritative Sources

  1. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) – CISA is essential the Security office for all non-DOD Federal Government entities and you should be aware of most anything they publish. Their 2 primary channels are advisories which is timely threat information and vulnerabilities where they publish summaries of vulnerabilities across a massive array of products. They offer mailing lists and RSS feeds.
    1. For International readers please look up your country’s CERT or appropriate agency. (NCSC – UK, CERT Australia)
  2. FBI InfraGard – This is the FBI’s primary way of publishing information to vetted private sector partners. You must work in a Critical Sector and be a US Citizen to join. Once you have been accepted to the program you will be plugged in to some excellent feeds and training opportunities.
  3. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also shares info via the Homeland and Security Information Network (HSIN). It can be a process to join and it isn’t user friendly but the resources can be very helpful.

Key Sources




  • Use a RSS reader. It’s a massive time saver. I recommend using Feedly or Inoreader.
  • Newsletters: I’m an inbox zero advocate and having lots of unread emails messes with my digital Feng Shui. I use an email alias and mailbox rules to automatically have newsletters skip my inbox and land in a folder. I have a dedicated time each week to read the newsletters.

What did I miss? Please share your top sources in the comments.

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