Hello. Welcome to my blog. I’m Keith S. Crawford. I am Cybersecurity GRC (Governance, Risk, & Compliance) Specialist. I’ve spent years in the consulting world, and now corporate, building effective cybersecurity programs that auditors love and helping every day people protect themselves.

[Disclaimer: The views shared here are purely my own and while they are likely wise and accurate, they bear no reflection on my employer or any other affiliated organizations.".]

What is //security?

//security (a.k.a ForwardSlashSecurity) is where I explore and explain cybersecurity news, share practical insights, and “semi-expert” analysis. Whether you’re a decision-maker or an everyday user, my goal is to help protect you and simplify cybersecurity.

The //security name comes from my format for sharing analysis on Twitter. I would post the original article and then give my take after //.

Why do I do this?

  • For Individuals: I want to help people succeed and be more resilient in a digital world. I don’t like to see people taken advantage of.
  • For Organizations: I believe in the power of security and compliance to help an organization mature, transform, and thrive. I know that sounds cheesy but its the truth.

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